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Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

As a LYKA Gem recipient, you have fully agreed to be bound by these conditions.


The LYKA Gem Rewards System - a unique feature that allows our users to earn LYKA Gems in exchange for a specific in-app activity.

Gain 1 Gem every time your LYKA Meter* fills up. These LYKA Gems can be then used to redeem exclusive products or services in our LYKA MALL and/or use it with our Merchant Partners.

  1. LYKA Gem - Reward Point (also considered as a Digital Gift Certificate)
  2. LYKA Wallet - Where your LYKA Gems are safely kept with passcode
  3. LYKA Meter* - Specific number indicator for 1 LYKA Gem completion
  4. LYKA MALL - In-app Rewards Catalogue of exclusive Products and Services


Everyone is included in the LYKA Gem Rewards System.


Individuals of 18 years of age and below is required to have a legal guardian to claim the rewards through our LYKA MALL (Using LYKA Gems with our Merchant Partners has exceptions to the rule as advised).

In order to gain LYKA Gems, we require that you verify your mobile number. Please check KYC Verification on the upper right corner of LYKA Wallet.

Each reward such as products or services has a specific requirement for claiming, kindly read thoroughly the “HOW TO CLAIM” section per product/ service.


  1. To purchase items, please carefully read the HOW TO CLAIM section along with the product details of the item you want to purchase.
  2. If all are applicable, you may tap the “Buy Now" button. Your purchase will be verified within 24 - 72 hours via LYKA Chat.
  3. After the verification, a notification will prompt to LYKA History and details will be sent through LYKA Chat. This will include the full information on how to claim the item you have chosen.


There will be specifications listed on the LYKA MALL per product or service, this will be your guidance regarding on the details of expiry dates and all other concerns. Once the item runs out, you may pick another item you may like.


Our platform is guided by the Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy.

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